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About Kirkenes

About Kirkenes

Why Visit Kirkenes, Norway

Located 400 kilometers (248 miles) north of the Arctic Circle, close to the Russian border, Kirkenes in the capital of Barents Region which accommodates just 4000 people in total!

Despite its modest size, this nondescript petit town offers plenty to both see and do as making Kirkenes one of the top-chosen destinations in entire Norway.

The selection of engaging activities worth adding to your Kirkenes travel plan is simply impressive: dog-sledding, snowmobile tours, ice-fishing, hiking trips, king crab safari, and bird-watching allowing to see such unique bird species as puffins, sea eagles, and guillemots among others. What is more, this unique place is a great spot to witness mesmerizing Northern Lights!

What is more, if you get to visit Kirkenes between December and April, you have an amazing chance to spend the night in the real Snowhotel. Interestingly, these hotels are rebuilt every year since hot summers just make the entire house melt to the ground.

If you are a history buff, you should know that this charming town boasts an eventful past. Kirkenes served as one of the bases for German Kriegsmarine during the Second World War and even played the role of supple storehouse for the Murmansk battle-front. Eager to delve even deeper into Kirkenes history? Then during your stay, save some time to pop in Grenselandmuseet or the Border Area Museum, both boasting remarkable exhibitions.

Best Things to Do in Kirkenes, Norway

  • Have some fun and take part in fascinating activities
  • Spend the night in the Snowhotel
  • Pay a visit to the Border Area Museum of Kirkenes
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