Lulea, Sweden

Lulea, Sweden

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About Lulea

About Lulea

Why Visit Lulea

Another must-visit town of the Lapland region is Lulea. Situated in the northern part of Sweden, the town boasts dramatic nature, popular lively sites such as different stores, restaurants, cafes, and a great number of interesting activities.

For example, if you happen to be in Lulea in winter, try hanging out on the frozen Lule River. During this season, the ice is thick enough to hold up well numerous enthusiasts of skating, ice fishing, and snowshoe hiking. Besides, if you're into transportation activities, try out dog sledding.

And if you come to Lulea in summer, there are a bunch of completely different entertainment options, including rafting, hiking, and kayaking. Lulea surroundings feature some scenic areas and views in places like Hertsotrask or Balingeberget, which you can enjoy hiking or cycling. You can also visit the impressive Balingeberget Nature Reserve to admire a collection of about 200 species of plants and manifold caves, rubble fields, and nature sites.

Speaking of winter in Lulea again, this season presents a wonderful opportunity to witness an out-of-this-world phenomenon which is called the Northern Lights. The versicolored fire slowly dancing in the night sky is a truly remarkable experience. As is the summertime Midnight Sun, when the sun never sets, turning your time in Lulea really unique.

As for sightseeing, there are beautiful architectural and cultural heritage sites such as the Norrbotten Theater, the Lulea Cathedral, and the Norrbottens museum.

Without the slightest doubt, Lulea is a truly exclusive and extraordinary travel destination that you may want to experience once again. Luckily, you can do this in different seasons without missing the area's brightest features.

What to Do in Lulea, Sweden

  • Delight in the beautiful Swedish Lapland nature
  • Visit Lulea Cathedral and other great architectural monuments
  • Experience the bright Northern Lights and extraordinary Midnight Sun


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