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About Murmansk

About Murmansk

Why Visit Murmansk, Russia

Excited by the idea of exploring the Russian Arctic? Bend steps towards the mysterious north on a tour to the last city founded in the Russian Empire, alluring Murmansk.

Being a port city, Murmansk provides an amazing opportunity to step aboard the first nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world! You can explore the inner parts of the ship, including a nuclear reactor. Not many cities can offer such a unique experience, so try to find a place for the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin in your Murmansk itinerary.

Among architectural highlights, you may check out the beautiful Church of the Saviour on the Waters and British Naval Cemetery. These monuments memorialize all those human losses caused by violent wars of the past. Both places are well-kept and leave their mark in your memory for a long time.

For the daredevil travelers, there is the Ice Bathers' Hut, where you can experience truly extreme emotions: the place offers to test your endurance swimming in icy waters of Lake Semyonovskoe. Jump in a hole cut in the ice to get the feel of the authentic life of the northerner. If you prefer to stay above water, visit the exciting Museum of the Northern Fleet to marvel at a great collection of war history.

Murmansk is fascinating, but the most amazing thing about this town is its magical natural phenomenon called Northern Lights. At nightfall, the city is lit by colorful lights hovering in the sky. All Northern Lights hunter should definitely consider a tour to Murmansk as it is one of the best places in the world Aurora Borealis seeking as well as Midnight sun.

Best Things to Do in Murmansk, Russia

  • Take a look at the Church of the Saviour on the Waters
  • Step onboard the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin
  • Enjoy the beautiful light show, the Northern Lights
  • Learn about Russian war history in the Museum of the Northern Fleet