Rovaniemi, Finland

Beautifully illuminated Santa Clause Village in the night

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About Rovaniemi

About Rovaniemi

Is Rovaniemi Worth Visiting?

If there is a truly magical place on Earth, it's the charming city of Rovaniemi. Yes, such incredible landmarks as Zhangjiajie National Park in China or Nevada's Antelope Canyon are truly natural wonders, they might seem like there were created by magic, but Rovaniemi feels magical to its core. And how else can it be? After all, the official hometown of Santa Claus can't be anything but miraculous!

The Christmas spirit in Rovaniemi is in the air all year round, and the city boasts plenty of exciting festive activities to enjoy. For example, you can visit Mrs. Santa Claus' Christmas Cottage, go to the Elf's Farm Yard, or spend a day at the SantaPark, exploring Santa's Corner Shop, Toy Factory, Mrs. Gingerbread's Bakery, among many other exciting places.

And who hasn't dreamed of actually meeting Father Christmas? Regardless of your age, you will fall in love with the calling card of Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus Village, home of the main winter magician. Apart from meeting everyone's favorite grandpa, you are welcome to take some amazing pictures with him and even send a fabulous card to your nearest and dearest from Santa's own post office! Another great souvenir to bring home is the Certificate of Crossing the Arctic Circle, a unique memento from your fairytale vacation.

But there is more to do during a Rovaniemi visit than enjoying various Christmas activities. For example, the city houses the Arktikum, a fantastic museum where you can learn the history of the Rovaniemi with the help of the fascinating interactive exhibition. You can go husky dog-sledding or visit the nearby reindeer farm, Sirmakko, and befriend one of its residents. And what about going hunting Northern Lights? Yes, you can do that as well during your Rovaniemi vacation!

Hopefully, now you see that amazing Rovaniemi is one of the best winter travel destinations, where you can fully enjoy a fairytale winter, explore a different culture, and see your childhood dreams come true. And, if you are lucky, maybe even start believing in magic again.

What to Do During Rovaniemi Tour

  • Take a picture with Santa
  • Go husky dog- or reindeer-sledding
  • Meet the native Sami people
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