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Map of Lapland
About Kiruna
About Kiruna
Many-faceted Kiruna

Kiruna is a place for every type of traveler: whether you like skiing, fishing, hiking, dog sledding, or everything at the same time, you’ll find it here. Located in the wonderful region of Lapland, this northmost Swedish town harmonically combines culture, the great outdoors, and nowadays technologies: the town houses Esrange Space Center, the Institute of Space Physics, the biggest iron ore mine in the world, Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in the country, and Icehotel, the accommodation entirely made of ice! Such a mix of significant attractions draws huge crowds of tourists annually.

If you’re in Kiruna during summer, you’ll definitely meet the wonderful phenomena called Midnight Sun and if you are here in winter - the Northern Lights. These beautiful features are an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, which will impress anyone.

Undoubtedly, another hallmark of Kiruna surroundings is Icehotel, situated in the neighboring village of Jukkasjarvi. Built entirely from ice block and snow, it was opened in 1990 and since then has been rebuilt each winter. Every room and decoration is made by different artists that bring in something new to the hotel’s appearance every year. Besides bedrooms and halls, you can find here a bar with ice glasses and even an ice chapel that marrying couples find very attractive.

If you’re in Kiruna in winter, don’t forget to check it out! While in Kiruna, you may notice a beautiful and unique red building that stands in contrast with white snow. This church called Kiruna Kyrka was constructed by the architect Gustaf Wickman in 1912 and now considered to be one of the biggest wooden buildings in Sweden. The shape of the building reminds a traditional Sami tent but, at the same time, the exterior is performed in a Gothic Revival style, which is quite an unusual architectural mix. A sufficient reason to stop If you’re in Kiruna during summer, you’ll definitely meet the wonderful phenomena called Midnight Sun and if you are here in winter - the Northern and take some photos.

Popular Tours to Kiruna

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What to Do in Kiruna, Sweden

There's so much to explore in Kiruna. Take a look at the scenic video and get inspired to plan your journey.

  • Witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights from the city or nearby wilderness areas
  • Relax in a traditional Swedish sauna and take a dip in an icy lake for a refreshing experience
  • Explore the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, a stunning hotel built entirely of ice and snow
  • Visit the Kiruna Church, an architectural gem and one of Sweden's largest wooden buildings
  • Wander through the town of Kiruna and learn about its fascinating relocation project due to mining activities
  • Take a guided tour of the LKAB iron ore mine and gain insight into the town's industrial heritage
  • Experience the culture of the indigenous Sámi people and try reindeer sledding
  • Go on a snowmobile safari and explore the breathtaking Arctic landscape
  • Enjoy a dog sledding adventure through the snowy wilderness
  • Taste local delicacies such as reindeer stew, Arctic char, and cloudberry desserts at traditional Kiruna restaurants
  • Hike in Abisko National Park and take in the stunning views of mountains, rivers, and the Midnight Sun in summer

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More About Kiruna

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