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About Petrozavodsk

About Petrozavodsk

Reasons to Visit Petrozavodsk, Russia

Vast lands of Russia is fraught with numerous picture-perfect corners as the Republic of Karelia, the capital of which is Petrozavodsk. Situated on the banks of Lake Onega, this city is a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the beauty of Russian land.

Peter the Great himself founded this place in 1703 as an armory. And that was prophetic: the city served as an important headquarter during the war with Sweden. Today, Petrozavodsk is a well-developed city with some remarkable historical sights that should be seen during your tour to Petrozavodsk.

Among the most famous Petrazavodsk attractions are Lenin Square and Statue of Peter the Great, the heritage from two epochs. Also, put on your itinerary the Onezhskiy Tractor Factory, one of the oldest Russian factories. And for an extraordinary experience visit the Puppet House Museum: get acquainted with Russian mythological creatures and folk heroes and villains that are represented here.

If you want to extend your Petrozavodsk museum experience, look into the Museum of Regional Studies, the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia, and the Fine Arts Museum. And to shake up your Petrozavodsk itinerary, take a walk in the Lake Onega promenade dotted with lovely cafes and contemporary sculptures, or take pleasure in a day-trip to the fascinating Kizhi Island with the examples of Russian 18th-century wooden architecture.

Top Things to Do in Petrozavodsk, Russia

  • Start up a museums tour visiting the Fine Arts Museum and others
  • Listen to the echoes of the country’s past at Lenin Square and Statue of Peter the Great
  • Enjoy a day-trip to Kizhi Island
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