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About Sortavala

About Sortavala

Sortavala, Karelian Gem

Another gem of the Republic of Karelia is an amazing city of Sortavala. Dramatic natural landscapes, shores of Lake Lagoda, and the balanced mixture of Russian and Scandinavian motifs make Sortavala a perfect destination on your Russia itinerary.

When strolling through Sortavala streets, pay your attention to the city's architecture. For example, the orthodox church of St. John the Baptist and the Ladozhskaya Usadba Tourist Complex, in the past were an estate of a wealthy Finnish family.

Sortavala is closely located to the Finnish border and, interestingly, throughout history, the city has been a part of Finland, Sweden, and Russia, which shaped Sortavala's architectural and cultural heritage. To indulge in the region's legacy, pay a visit to the Art Center of Kronid Gogolev, here you'll find numerous carvings with different historical events. Also, you may find visiting the statue of Petri Shemeikka interesting as the statue was built in honor of the 19-century singer that used the rune alphabet in his songs.

Traveling to Sortavala is definitely a must-do for pilgrims. In the northern part of the largest lake in Europe, Lake Ladoga, a beautiful archipelago is located, Valaam. Valaam Monastery has been a lodestone for many pilgrims and artists.

Best Things to Do in Sortavala, Russia

  • Delve into the nature of the Karelian region
  • Enjoy the largest in Europe Lake Lagoda
  • Take pleasure in scenic Valaam Archipelago sights
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