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If you've already added Lapland to your itinerary but still wondering what is the best time to visit this region, here is the answer. There is no bad time for that. It only depends on what you will do there because each season offers you various activities to take and places to visit.

Lapland in Autumn

Lapland in autumn, or ruska, as locals say, will surely surprise you with its trees dressed in carnival clothes, magnificent landscapes, and astonishing Northern Lights.

Lapland autumn

Many people believe that Nothern Lights can be seen only in winter. But did you know that the first auroras appear in September or sometimes even in August? The weather is milder than in winter, and it is much more pleasant to admire auroras in autumn without getting too cold.

Lapland auroras

Another highly recommended activity is hiking. If you are a huge fan of a decent hike, you will definitely like Lapland for its trails because they are among the best in the world. Comparing with winter, autumn trails are accessible and not buried under thick snow, so you can fully appreciate the beauty of Lapland's nature.

Don't forget that autumn is a harvest season, so you can fully enjoy nature's gifts. Also, there are many local harvest markets in this season, and you can buy some Lappish honey, fish products, or even jewelry that could be an excellent and memorable souvenir.

Market honey

Last but not least, the hotels are much cheaper in autumn since winter is the high season in Lapland. It is a pleasant bonus to save money.

Quick Lapland Facts

  • Location: vast region in north of the Arctic circle
  • Currency: the Euro (EUR)
  • Population: 178.522

Lapland in Winter

Needless to say that Lapland in winter is a perfect destination for those who are not afraid of cold weather. It offers you an endless amount of activities, and you surely won't get bored this season.

Lapland winter

Once you are there, take an excursion. Wondering which one? The list is enormous, but here is one of the most popular.

In case you like fast-paced activities and want to have fun, take the snowmobile excursion, or as locals say, winter safari. Have a ride over frozen lakes and through the tall, snow-covered trees. Take the ultimate sightseeing adventure through Lapland's stunning natural surroundings. But before that, make sure you have a valid driving license to drive a snowmobile.

Lapland snowmobile

Another worth-taking activity is the reindeer excursion. As you may know, reindeer occupied an integral part of Sami People's culture and became the symbol of Lapland. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the most wonderful activities in Lapland.

One more exciting activity is the husky safari excursion. If the reindeer excursion is a little slow for you, you will indeed like this one. The husky safari excursion is more dynamic and fast.

Lapland husky safari

Also, going to the Finnish sauna would be a great decision. Of course, you can do that any time of the year, but the temperature difference outside is quite significant. Just imagine, one moment you are in a hot wooden room sweating, and the other you go outside, and it is crisp and cold. You would probably agree that a sauna in the warm season is not so appealing.

Only Sami People can herd reindeer and there are no wild reindeer in Lapland. Each reindeer herder has his own marking, which is engraved on the reindeer so they know who it belongs to.

Lapland in Spring

Spring in Lapland is when nature wakes up from the cold, dark, and long winter. It is the time of rebirth and celebration when the sun comes back and illuminates everything. Depending on the location, there is usually quite much snow still on the ground. And when it is combined with the sun, the landscape is breathtaking.

Lapland spring

Spring is a trendy season among the locals. They prefer to go skiing and ice fishing. You should tread in their steps and do the same to feel the Finnish spirit.

Lapland skiing

Also, it should be noted that spring in Lapland is a unique phenomenon due to its geography. It's possible to experience very different stages of spring in a relatively small area. At the same time, there can be fully blossoming trees in Southern Lapland and snow on the ground in the Northern parts. This is an experience that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Lapland in Summer

Lapland in summer is incredibly gorgeous. Did you know that in summer there is another unique nature phenomenon? It is called the Midnight Sun. It happens when the sun does not set under the horizon in Lapland during the summer months. You can experience these nightless nights in the north of the Arctic Circle. Whether it's 4 PM or 4 AM, it's bright all day and all night.

Lapland midnight sun

To add more magic to your Lapland itinerary, try Midnight Sun floating. This is a perfect way to escape from the city's noise and relax while you're floating in Finland's lake, listening to the silence, and enjoying the moment.

Hiking in summer could be one of the most favorite memories from Lapland. Take a chance and explore the magnificent nature of Lapland with its flora and fauna. Lapland in summer has so much to offer to you. Take the best out of Finnish nature, and try canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

Lapland santa

Don't forget to say hi to Santa and visit him in a village near Rovaniëmi. Wondering why this activity wasn't mentioned in the section about winter? In summer, you'll probably have a lot more privacy than in winter, which is the highest peak with thousands of other tourists around you. There you can find some shops and a post office. The good news, there is no entrance fee, and also you can leave your address at the post office and later get a letter from Santa. Isn't it great? Make your childhood dream come true.

If you want to take a photo of Midnight Sun, make sure to scout the perfect place and set the camera in advance to catch the best light.

All in all, as you see, every season is the best time to visit Lapland because each of them has its perks. Choose the season that suits you the best and cross Lapland off the bucket list and enjoy a memorable tour to Lapland. Watch the Midnight Sun, take excursions, visit Santa, go fishing, and do other outdoor activities to make the most of the Lapland trip.